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Grateful Hearts | Sinai Health

Give a gift now to say thank you to the staff member or team who have a positive impact on your care.


Meet Manabeswar

If anyone can speak to the power of giving back with gratitude, it’s Manabeswar Bagchi.

Having survived more than a decade of health scares, heart medications, and pacemaker replacements, Mr. Bagchi is grateful for Dr. Susanna Mak, the cardiologist who’s been by his side through it all.

“I’ve not met too many Dr. Susanna Maks in my life,” he said. “She is a god-sent angel of care.”

Dr. Mak and her team have guided Mr. Bagchi through years of treatments, assessments, and adjustments. She’s been with him from diagnosis of his congestive heart failure to his latest implantation of a fifth pacemaker.

“We’ve been with him at every stage of his disease,” Dr. Mak said. “It’s about a long-term relationship and how we have positively affected a life, even in the bad times.”

At age 82, Mr. Bagchi hasn’t given up and soldiers on in his long battle against a chronic heart condition a journey that’s been a lot easier with his care team around him.

Mr. Bagchi actually became a donor because he was so thankful for the outstanding care he’s been receiving at Mount Sinai. With both innovative treatment and regular updates to his care plan, his heart remains in stable condition.

Show your gratitude today!

By making a donation in their honour, you can acknowledge a member of the Sinai Health System team who made a difference to you or your family. The recipient will be given a thank you card and beautiful pin in recognition of your gratitude and generosity.