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The challenge of infertility


Infertility affects 15 per cent of couples in Canada and male infertility contributes to about half of all cases. Jordy Mecklinger and his wife, Pam Mecklinger, understood those frustrations only too well. By the summer of 2013, excited to start a family but having no luck conceiving, they began the process of medical testing to figure out what was going on. Pam checked out fine but Jordy’s semen provided a surprise. “There were no sperm in the sample,” says Jordy.

Care is at the very heart of Sinai Health

Every day, we strive for a new model of excellent and fully integrated care one that supports our patients during their most critical health-care moments and all the in-between times, too. Health care is never a straight line; it is a journey.

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Meet Anna

During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with aggressive, stage 3 breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. In the second trimester of her pregnancy, she required specialized cancer treatment to care for herself and protect her unborn son.

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