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Dr. Sebastien Martinez

2017/18 Honourary Fellow:
Dr. Sebastien Martinez

Developing clinically-relevant in vivo model to identify novel pancreatic cancer genes

Pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of death due to cancer in Canada, with the most dramatic survival rate of any major cancer, at only 6%. The next generation sequencing technologies have led to an explosion of whole genome association studies over the last decade, helping clinicians to identify hundreds of somatic mutations accumulated in patient’s tumor cells. However, only a few of them impact driver genes, and are responsible for cancer progression and metastasis. Studies are now generating massive quantity of data from cancer genomics, but we are still missing understanding of the functional consequence of most genetic alterations.

Mouse models of human cancers constitute the golden standard for genetic perturbation studies but are extremely time and resource intensive, rendering them inapt to test genetic alterations emerging from large-scale genomics projects. To overcome the caveats of current mouse models, we are developing in vivo approaches to simultaneously assess the function of hundreds of putative pancreatic cancer genes within their native tissue environment in the pancreas of a single mouse. This approach allows us to precisely re-enact the complex genetic events found in human tumors to identify real driver genes. Once these genes are identified, they can be studied further and targeted specifically to improve cancer treatment efficiency.

Past Fellows:

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Topic: Target Discovery Anti-cancer Drug Development

2015: Dr. Brandon Panaro
Topic: Genetic Causes of Severe Obesity in Humans

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2012: Dr. Ioannis Prassas
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2011: Dr. Caroline Badouel
Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. Helen McNeill
Topic: Identification of New, Effective Therapies for Neurological Cancers

2010: Iacovos Michael
Doctoral candidate in Dr. Andras Nagy’s lab
Topic: New and improved therapies for cancer

2009: Azadeh Golipour
Fellow in Dr. Jeff Wrana’s Laboratory
Topic: Reprogramming and Cancer Stem Cell