About the Chair

“Your investment will broaden this critical research into the unique needs of menopausal women and allow worldwide expert, Dr. Wendy Wolfman, to mentor the most-promising medical minds. Join us as we de-stigmatize menopause and support our sisters, daughters, and future generations of Canadian women.”

With life expectancy nearly doubled over the past century, the average Canadian woman reaches menopause halfway through her life. The common symptoms of menopause — sleep deprivation, headaches, hot flashes and mood changes — typically impact women who are juggling their peaking careers and family commitments, and these changes are often accompanied by weight gain, risks of heart disease, cancer, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. These serious health needs receive little attention or funding. Times are changing and women are making their voices heard. Dr. Wendy Wolfman at Mount Sinai Hospital, part of Sinai Health System, is a world leading expert in Mature Women’s Health and we are delighted to announce that she is the inaugural holder of the Chair in Mature Women’s Health — which has been established thanks to an initial fundraising drive that reached $2 million. Carol Mitchell and her family will match all subsequent donations to meet the new goal of $3 million. Your gift will be invested in perpetuity, generating an income stream that will support research and allow the chair holder to attract and mentor promising medical minds. Please be a part of this initiative and give today’s and tomorrow’s women the health care they deserve.