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30th and final George Knudson Oakdale Pro-Am

Our History

The Tournament
George Knudson passed away from cancer in 1989, but his memory is still inspiring people to make a difference. The Knudson Oakdale Pro-Am was launched soon after George died from lung cancer.

The 30th annual Knudson Oakdale Pro-Am will take place on Wednesday September 4, 2019 and continue the fight against cancer, raising significant research dollars for Mount Sinai Hospital’s Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute and Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF). Oakdale Golf and Country Club and the tournament have committed $1 million each to Mount Sinai Hospital and ICRF from the proceeds of future Knudson Oakdale Pro-Am tournaments.

Past Tournament Winners The George Knudson Cup (Low Team)
2016 Moni Lustig, Martin Dockrill, Gord Smith, Henry Brunton CPGA
2015 Adam Paulin, Jared Stark, Ryan Tkatch, David Moro CPGA
2014 Alex Enchin, Michael Zeldin, Zach Burnett, Andrew Jensen CPGA
2013 Stephen Applebaum, Stephen Stark, Steve Justin, Dave Lang CPGA
2012 Jason Crystal, Jason Berns, Michael lester, Mike Harris CPGA
2011 Eric Silverberg, Sheldon Silverberg, Murray Silverberg, Dave Wettlaufer CPGA
2010 Richard Paulin, Murray Tkatch, Trevor Cohen, JC Deacon CPGA
2009 Cecil Graff, Dennis Graff, Michael Katz, Dave Wettlaufer CPGA
2008 Lionel Schipper, Herb Solway, Paul Williams, Gar Hamilton CPGA
2007 Cecil Graff, Glen Graff, Sam Alter, Keir Smith CPGA
2006 Jay Freeman, Howard Sokolowski, Richard Levinsky, Ken Tarling CPGA
2005 Fred Steiner, Ed Sonshine, Louis Silverstein, Brian French CPGA
2004 Louis Silverstein, Ed Sonshine, Fred Steiner, Jerry Anderson CPGA
2003 Bryon Alexandroff, Jack Winberg, Bob Davidson, Jerry Anderson CPGA
2002 David Wagman, Stan Mintz, Marty Kelman, David Nash CPGA
2001 Earl Miller, Lawrence Bloomberg, Tim Trimper, Steve Marshall CPGA
2000 Herb Epstein, Stan Liebel, Noel Zeldin, Norm Hitzroth CPGA
1999 George Mann, Ron Steinberg, Sheldon Taerk, Al Balding CPGA
1998 Phil DeZwirek, Michael Smith, Michael Firestone, Steve Chapman CPGA
1997 Bill Yeates, Guy Bentley, Terry Bedard, Ken Tarling CPGA
1996 Bill Yeates, Hugh Alexander, Guy Bentley, Ken Tarling CPGA
1995 Michael Steinberg, Izzie Abrams, S. Sterling, S. Smith CPGA
1994 Michael Lester, Bud Eisenberg, Sam Ganz, Ben Kern CPGA
1993 Nelson Reuben, Martin Lubotta, Barry Fienberg, Ken Trowbridge CPGA
1992 Barry Fienberg, Nelson Reuben, Martin Lubotta, Graham Gunn CPGA
1991 Stan Gordon, Cecil Graff, Graham Gunn CPGA
1990 Stan Gordon, Cecil Graff, Brian French CPGA
1989 R. Berg, K. Silverberg, Al Balding CPGA

Past Tournament Winners The Wilf Homenuik Trophy (Low Professional)
2016 Wes Stanfod
2015 Cory Jones
2014 Andrew Jensen
2013 Wes Stanford
2012 David Moro
2011 Dan Payton
2010 Brian McCann
2009 Dave Wettlaufer
2008 Justin Kudrasovs
2007 Gar Hamilton
2006 David Nash
2005 Bob Beauchemin