Where The Money Goes

Proceeds from the Great Jewellery Heist will support Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, part of Sinai Health. Caring for people with complex health conditions is the healthcare challenge of the century, and Bridgepoint is a leader in delivering this specialized care to both patients and caregivers.


Providing cutting-edge, best-in-class care for all of our patients is essential. We remain one of the few institutions in Canada to receive Stroke Distinction status. In 2018, Bridgepoint introduced the Family Presence policy, allowing families and caregivers 24-hour access to their loved ones improving the way our patients receive support and care.


Our unique active healthcare approach places the patient at the centre of their own care universe, family and friends included. Our goal is to improve the complex patient experience while helping patients get back to their lives.


We’re constantly driven to expand and improve our patient services informed by the groundbreaking research that is taking place in our Collaboratory for Research and Innovation. The focus of our Collaboratory is to find practical solutions and innovative models of care to get better results for patients.

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

Bridgepoint, part of Sinai Health, is an internationally recognized, 464-bed rehabilitation and complex care hospital. It’s the single largest organization in Canada to focus exclusively on research, care and teaching for people with complex health conditions.

Because we specialize in complexity, we’re able to provide remarkable care in the hospital and community through partnership, expert care, practical research and education.. When you support Bridgepoint, you are truly helping to provide leading-edge compassionate care for patients that need it most.

Our Story: In the words of a Family Caregiver


“My husband and I have been married for 42 years and have rarely been apart. After his stroke, family presence allowed me to fully participate in his care, from therapy to physician visits. It also greatly reduced my stress because I didn’t have to worry about travel. Most importantly, it allowed us to maintain our relationship during his recovery.”


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