A Centre of Excellence in Arthritis & Autoimmune Disease

With donor support, we will raise $21 million to establish a Centre of Excellence in Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease at Sinai Health. The Centre of Excellence will help us understand the molecular pathways that trigger autoimmune inflammation, so we can improve outcomes by:
Targeting treatments to end “trial-and-error” care
There are many drug options for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but doctors have no way to know which drug is most likely to work for each individual patient.
You can help advance our understanding of the genetic differences that influence treatment response in patients with RA. Your gift can support the development of precision medicine approaches that match patients with therapies that will work for them.
Fueling the discovery of new therapies
For many RA patients, drugs that control their inflammation and pain eventually stop working, leaving people with few or no options for symptom relief.
You can help find new treatments. And by facilitating the discovery of new drugs that reduce inflammation, your gift could potentially benefit people with chronic, inflammatory diseases which lead to heart disease and stroke.
Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into our care
Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) bring relief to many people. But whether and how these therapies work for RA is not yet clear.
You could help Sinai Health scientists launch one of the very first studies to discover how TCM can be used with conventional RA drugs to reduce inflammation and improve patient responses to treatment.
These findings may translate into new therapies for many other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.